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About Us

“Do-ers” NOT merely consultants or report-writers

We differentiate ourselves as being “Do-ers”, not merely consultants or report writers and our approach is focused, incisive and relevant. We are not theoreticians. We work as a team of trouble shooters that have the global skills and experience to operate ‘at the coal face’ to swiftly and effectively spot the strengths and vulnerabilities of a businesses, implementing change for good programs, tactical solutions for operational improvements and ensuring stakeholder alignment whenever possible. We are focused on implementing growth strategies and optimising business performance, working with incumbent management to improve the enterprise value in their companies.

About Postern

Diverse and global reach

We work in companies globally, from single site small SME’s to multi-site corporates typically up to £2.0bn in sales, PE backed, quoted, family owned, single or multi-bank backed. We understand complicated politics; we are sensitive to the concerns and needs of different parties. For every project we select an individual or team with the most relevant experience. We internally review and cross check our findings at every stage of an assignment to ensure we are making the best possible decisions or recommendations for our clients. We’re Accountable, We Implement, We Deliver.

Flexible and Accommodating

We are pliable and flexible and able to tailor our services to meet the demands of every assignment.

We are sensitive to the individual needs of our clients and treat each assignment in confidence and with the utmost importance. This means that we can provide much better value, and higher client satisfaction.

Confidential and Transparent

We are proud of our legacy and strive for nothing less than 100% client satisfaction. We always endeavour to maximise returns, and have a track record of achieving at least 10x investment.

We are the safe hands that you can always count on; to be accountable, to implement and to deliver. Moreover, our team are able to respond rapidly and efficiently and in total confidence and transparency.

The Postern Pedigree

Founded in 1991, Postern is the original ‘company doctors’, setting the standard for transformational change and re-structuring services. Postern’s founders were among the co-founders of the Institute for Turnaround. Postern has worked with clients to deliver numerous assignments at Director level since its formation. We provide hands-on operational, restructuring and business transformational improvement services to banks, private equity, family offices, venture capital and corporate clients. We de-risk banks and stakeholders, improve enterprise value and support in maximising value and assisting exit strategies for private equity and investors. We can operate in pre-deal or post-deal situations to provide operational due diligence to, e.g. validate a business plan or strategy, evaluate MI packs, or assess management capability, to ultimately increase and extrapolate value.

Highly experienced team

As a bespoke firm made up of a multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced business practitioners, we are not constrained by large overheads, or ridged corporate structures. We work as a cohesive team of highly skilled operational practitioners and FCA’s who work with stakeholders and incumbent management to bring comprehensive solutions to complicated situations. Postern’s Core Management Team are pragmatic businessmen backed-up by a handpicked and extensive base of proven experienced associates from diverse industry backgrounds. We have global competence across a broad range of industry sectors. We are able to recognise the experience and skill of incumbent management. But, we also appreciate that bad habits, strategic fixations, lender pressure, fear of failure and inability to innovate, are important barriers to change. At Postern we are experienced at changing where change is necessary.


We found Postern’s Diagnostic Review operationally focused, incisive and effective. It was an valuable tool for bringing operational and financial clarity, and enabled us to make informed decisions.”

Pete Ballard: Senior Advisor

“Postern’s review of our portfolio company quickly and unobtrusively identified its real value, allowing us to optimise our return”.                                                                                   

– Neil Maguinness: Portfolio Manager 

For Lenders

Postern has a track record of de-risking lenders by working with their client companies to ensure their profitability and cash generation. Our services help companies avoid breaching covenants and helps lenders minimise or eliminate debt write-downs…


For Private Equity

Postern has years of experience improving the enterprise value for Private Equity and VC portfolio clients, adding value, building and implementing strategies and tactical approaches and preparing and maximising value for eventual exits…


For Corporates

Postern has helped hundreds of companies return to profitability and increase their enterprise value using our pioneered team based, ‘hands-on’ executive transformational management. We assess the issues faced by the business and its management…