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Postern Equity Partners

Postern Equity Partners works buy-side for private equity in deal origination. We source strategic investment opportunities through Postern’s market.

Postern Equity Partners has the specific operational and financial expertise to assist in the re-financing process and understands collateral risk assessments

Postern Equity Partners is able to rationalise, consolidate and prepare a company for sale to enable stakeholders and equity holders to exit a portfolio business

Postern Equity Partners

Postern Equity Partners provides origination and sourcing expertise to benefit private equity, family offices and investors in general. Postern Equity Partners has the ability to originate and/or source deals and transactions and Postern’s broad sector knowledge in financial and operational matters is critical to successful investments in these assets.


Postern Equity Partners is also able to source lending to middle-market companies in various and developed geographies.

Debt is often used to support private equity activity, leveraged buyouts and refinancing. Opportunities exist across a number of developed market geographies, as well as up and down the capital structure including senior debt, junior capital/mezzanine debt and unitranche investments and equity.


Relationships take a long time to build. Postern has been restructuring companies, building growth strategies, optimising business performance and implementing organisational change management for over 25 years.

We have brand reputation and integrity and we are a reliable, stable source of sourcing capital in the market.

Concurrent with that, we have the ability to uncover the value drivers and destroyers in a business and understand its potential and needs throughout its capital structure through consistent interrogation behaviour through the investment cycle.


At Postern Equity Partners, we also focus on supporting controlled equity investments in asset-based or operational businesses. We also look to add value through active management of those assets when and where required and appropriate.

Each market segment offers unique risk, return and diversification characteristics for investors’ portfolios. However, one common thread runs through all of them is the importance of relationships in sourcing deals and transactions and those relationships can often take decades to nurture and build. That is why it’s important for investors to partner with experienced advisors that have the knowledge and relationship network that is required to deliver continuous access to quality opportunities.

Our relationships in the market generally and with professionals are obviously key to our ability to access the widest range of opportunities for our investors. Important as these relationships are, our focus is on the transaction and delivering the right asset, under the right terms, for our investors.


Through our long engagement in bringing value to companies we are able to see the widest funnel of investment opportunities in various jurisdictions and asset classes.

Enabling Strategic Growth and Development

Postern Equity Partners can evaluate "green-field" opportunities, business plan development, mentor and guide management, rationalise businesses and prepare growth strategies.

Our approach includes a confidential evaluation and operational review (PDR) to identify areas for: growth, business expansion and improvement, and the production of anonymous short summary information memorandums. We are then able to approach equity associates and/or trade buyers for expressions of interest and indicative valuations and assist in the coordination of the sales process. Our approach also encompasses possible financing through Postern’s debt and equity relationships and lender alliances.